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Must Visit Markets Around the World

When I started thinking about my favourite markets around the world I found it so hard to narrow them all down. I've been so lucky to be able to travel in my life and that I've been able to experience so many amazing places. Below are my all time favourite markets, each of them holds something special. Whether it's an abundance of fresh produce, amazing stall holders or just a cultural vibe, these places are my must visits when travelling.

La Boqueria Market- Barcelona, Spain

Located along La Rambla in the heart of Barcelona is the iconic La Boqueria market. The market here is full of colour with so many fragrant juice stands. Another iconic part of La Boqueria is their abundance of Spanish jamon. The best jamon in Spain is the Iberico black pig jamon. Iberico black pigs are fed on acorns, and are specially cured using a method which dates back thousands of years. You'll typically see tourists lining up at these jamon stands, getting their vacuum packed stocks of jamon to take home.

Bastille Market- Paris, France

When in Paris this place is a must visit. Be sure to check what days they are open before heading out. Paris is the city of love, but for me it is the city of fine food. It's where real good buttery cooking comes to life. If you have access to a kitchen in Paris, like staying in an apartment, I'd recommend getting your hands on some of the delicious ingredients here and spending a night in. If not you can always grab some berries, bread or cheese for on the go snacks.

Kuromon Market- Osaka, Japan

Of course if you're in Japan you're going to see a lot of seafood on offer. Kuromon market stretches along almost 600m, holding mostly seafood and meat stalls. Here at Kuromon market I had one of the best grilled scallops ever. The scallop was almost the size of my palm, cooked over a hibachi grill and finished with soy sauce and butter.

Another street food favourite here is grilled kobe beef. Kobe beef is some of the most expensive meat in the world, it is a specific type of Wagyu which is raised in a specific region of Japan.

Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse- Lyon, France

Les Halles is a divine food market which represents Lyon's commitment to gastronomy. My favourite thing about this market is the huge range of cheeses on offer. This market isn't huge but it hosts some amazing stalls which provide some of the best produce in Lyon.

Nishiki Market- Kyoto, Japan

Here you'll find narrow strips of stalls in the heart of Kyoto. Nishiki market hosts over a hundred food and restaurant stalls. I love seeing all the pickles on offer here, the bright vibrant colours always remind you of all the beautiful produce you can pickle.

Tsukiji Fish Market- Tokyo, Japan

This market features some of the best quality seafood I've ever seen. The range of seafood is impeccable, and the sushi and sashimi on offer is to die for. Although you can no longer visit the inner market, where the tuna auctions were held, the outer market is still open, which hosts all the food stalls.

Naschmarkt- Vienna, Austria

This market is not like your typical produce market, it has an abundance of restaurants and cafes to sit at and enjoy. My favourite place to sit for lunch and people watch would have to be Neni.

The Korean Fried Chicken Salad is to die for and after a long walk through Naschmarkt it's nice to sit and relax with a lemon & mint soda.

One of my favourite snacks to get when I visit Naschmarkt is the florentines from one of the little stalls. I never took down the name of the stall, but it is the most authentic Austrian looking stall in all of the market. They sell deli meats and cheeses, as well as sweets and breads, you can't miss it.

Borough Market- London, United Kingdom

One of my all time favourites, if you didn't go to Borough market then did you even go to London. Where do I start?! The spiced sweet buns are a must have, the photos on the gram just don't do them justice, they are even better than they look, if that's even possible.

The produce here is some of the best I've seen around the world, and so many delicious stalls to be able to try the produce on offer.

After strolling through the market the best place for lunch is Padella pasta, one of my all time favourites. Don't be put off by waiting in line, I promise it'll move fast. Literally anything here on the menu is great, but my recommendation would be any pasta and the burrata for sure.

If you're in a rush grab some delicious produce and take it away. Crusty bread and some of the many cheeses on offer will create a great snack for any time of the day.

Prahran Market- Melbourne, Australia

My local market when in Melbourne. We are so lucky in Melbourne to have access to so many producers, farmers and butchers. This means our produce selections are endless. You can't go past getting a huge bunch of mushrooms from the mushroom stall. I love finding a range of mushrooms here and creating a risotto for everyone to enjoy.

Or my favourite butcher, Gary's Quality Meats. They have some of the best cuts of meat I've ever found in a butcher, and I love how fresh the produce always is. The quality here is impeccable, and the guys here know their stuff. (Images via Gary's Meats Instagram)

Havelské tržiště- Prague, Czech Republic

This is probably one of the oldest markets I've ever visited. One of the only preserved market places in Old Town Prague, which dates back to 1232. The fruit bowls here on offer and next level, be sure to grab one on the go when exploring Old Town Prague. They are overflowing with fresh berries and really are delicious to enjoy in the summer. The market offers some fresh produce but also offers tourist items on weekends.

Central Market Hall- Budapest, Hungary

This market is a huge two story complex which was opened in 1897. It is the oldest and largest indoor market in Budapest. One thing you must try here is the Hungarian salami. It's such a bright red colour from the paprika and it is delicious. You can see the salami hanging from stall to stall, there is so much of it, you can't miss it.

Viktualienmarkt- Munich, Germany

This market has been around in one form or another since 1807, this makes it the oldest farmers market in Munich to date. The market hosts over 140 stalls and is a daily food market in the centre of Munich. Its name Viktualienmarkt is derived from the Latin word victualia, which means "groceries". During WWII the market was pretty badly damaged and almost wasn't rebuilt. I'm so glad they decided to rebuild because it hosts so many delicious stalls to fall in love with. My favourite part of this market are the strip of butchers who sell deli meats and cold cuts. You can't go wrong with a leberkäse roll and a donut from Schmalznudel Cafe Frischhut.

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