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What I'm eating in iso

Most of you would know by now if you follow me on my socials that Melbourne has gone in and out of Stage 3 and 4 lockdowns. Throughout these restrictions our eating habits have changed and I'm sure you've been snacking a lot more than usual.

Call it emotional eating or eating out of boredom, either way iso snacking is a thing and it's real. Here are some of the things I've been eating, snacking on, or cooking more of in iso.


Blueberries to be more specific. At the moment there is an abundance of blueberries at my local supermarket, and they're super cheap. I love snacking on blueberries during the day, and can admit to eating them one punnet at a time. Blueberries are super high in antioxidants, so they're a good snack to have while working from home or in between meals. Make them into a meal by adding them on top of your favourite yoghurt with honey or blend them into a smoothie with your favourite milk.


This round of Stage 4 restrictions I have tried to be healthier than the last. Last iso it was pasta after pasta, which left me bloated and unmotivated. Don't get me wrong, pasta is one of my favourite dishes, but never fills me up.

I am a little lazy when it comes to putting salads together. I like mine to be simple and with minimal ingredients. I love my leafy greens like rocket, cos lettuce and snow pea tendrils, and love to team these with cucumbers and olives. I am currently studying online from home, so I don't have a lot of time between classes to be cooking for hours. Sometimes I even compile a few randomly chopped vegetables, and snack on these throughout classes. Another one of my all time favourites is a quick Asian slaw of cabbage, carrot, coriander and poached chicken or boiled prawns. My mandolin is a life saver and makes chopping up salads so easy, anther combo I'm loving at the moment is shaved fennel, parmesan and walnuts.


I was never a fan of juice only cleanses, but finding I am loving incorporating juices into my iso meals. One of my favourites at the moment is kale, orange, ginger, celery, carrot and parsley. I have a very basic juicer which does the job perfectly, you can buy these online at the moment and have them delivered to your door. Another juice I am loving making in my Vitamix is a quick mix of cucumber, mint, lemon and ice. I love having something fresh to sip on at my desk, and these combinations hit the spot.

Cured Meats

Deli meats and cold cuts have to be one of my weaknesses. Cold cuts are good, but of course in moderation. I am loving smoked chicken breast in my salads at the moment. My favourite one is from my local German butcher down the road, I slice these up and have them with a luscious green salad. Another favourite at the moment is the wagyu brisket pastrami from Gary's Quality Meats at Prahran market. I like having this just as a snack, or on a cheese board with a nice French cheese, quince paste, cornichons and crackers.


This one is so important for us to stay hydrated. When you're sitting at a desk all day it's easy to forget to keep drinking water. I love filling up a jug in the morning before I start my classes and leaving it on my desk for me to drink. I add big round slices of lemons, oranges and sprigs of mint, this helps me to keep drinking water throughout the day and stay hydrated.


Olives have always been one of my favourites, maybe because I'm Greek it's in my blood. Having these as a snack at my desk is very common during iso. I love olives from the deli, specifically Greek, Spanish or Italian olives. Obviously my favourite olives are in Greece, I always try to bring some back with me when I travel. When it comes to brining and making olives, each person has their own tricks and ways. Everyone will tell you that their olives are the best, I can confirm my grandmothers sister makes the best olives, but of course I could never tell my grandmother that.

I remember last year when I went and visited her the day before I left the village and I asked her for a small amount to take home with me, and to take to her sister. She proceeded to take me under the house where barrels upon barrels sat full of olives. This was heaven. She carefully filled two large glass jars with olives for me to take home. Little did she know my luggage was already 10kg's over from shopping, and that glass and liquids don't always travel well. Safe to say the olives made it back with me safe and sound.

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about what I'm snacking on in iso. Remember to enjoy a balanced meal and eat all things that make you feel happy. The above is not advice on what to eat, and I am not a dietician or nutritionist, it's just what I love to snack on. Enjoy xx

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Dwayne McChesnie
Dwayne McChesnie

Where u live do you guys go to the store and buy all your fruit and vegetables or do you guys Grow all your fruit and vegetables……❓❓❓

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