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I've always wanted to start a blog, since watching watching Julie & Julia when I was about 8, but I never knew how to start it off, so here goes nothing. I'm Nicolette, 21, from Melbourne, and I absolutely love food.


I can't remember a time where I wasn't in the kitchen, but my passion really ignited when I was on Masterchef Australia a couple years ago now. Since Masterchef I've had my own pop up restaurant where I fed 300 people 4 courses of dessert over 3 weeks. There's just no in between for me its either nothing or 110% over the top. Also since Masterchef I've been working a couple days a week as a pastry chef at a local cafe, where I've learnt numerous skills in French patisserie.


You're probably about to notice one thing I'm addicted to at the moment, and thats eating out at numerous cafes and restaurants, across Melbourne, Australia and soon the world. I love being able to eat at some of the best places in the country, and even better now I can share them all with you. My most exciting venture recently was a trip to the Gold Coast, where I was lucky enough to travel around a little and visit some of the coolest places. One thing you're all going to be sick of at the end of the year is hearing about my trip to Japan. In November I set off to Japan for 26 days, yes thats 26 days of sushi, 26 days of ramen, and 26 days of the best food of my life, hopefully. So welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy my journey, N xx 

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