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25 Hours Hotel Vienna

25 Hours Vienna

One of my favourite cities I've come across is Vienna by far! The culture, food and history make this place an amazing place to visit on any European trip. My recently trip was my second time to Vienna this year, after the first trip I didn't think there would be much else to see. But I was so wrong. I kept on finding hidden gems to visit in this city, and I cannot wait to go again and discover more.

The best place to see this city from is 25 Hours Hotel located in the Museum Quarter. Located right in the heart of Vienna, all the main attractions are so close by, or just a quick metro or tram away. I love that this hotel is just a couple minutes walk from the train, tram and bus stops, leading you to hundreds of amazing places.

Breakfast at 25 hours is no brainer, they have a huge range of breakfast items to choose from you really can't go wrong. They have a huge selection of cured meats and cheeses which are essential in any European breakfast. As well as a range of hot foods like scrambled eggs, sausages and bacon, as well as yoghurts and a huge range of breads and pastries.

One of my favourite parts of the hotel is the underground, the Mermaid Cave. The mermaid cave includes swinging chairs, a gym, steam room, sauna, foot spa and big comfy seats to chill out in. When you're in such a bug busy city like Vienna its great to have a place to go to and relax.

If you've had a look on their website you'd see how quirky and vibrant the 25 Hour hotels really are. I loved the decor of our room, set out in a circus theme, and still big enough to fit 2 huge suitcases in opened up. If you're worried about space don't worry, the rooms are generous for Europe thats for sure.


Yes you heard it right, FREE Mini hire for hotel guests. This was by far the best perk of the stay. I hired a car on a recent trip in Italy and it cost a fortune. If you're in Vienna on a budget but also wanting to hire a car, I highly recommend staying here for these perks. We took the car just to the outskirts of the city to the beautiful winery region Vienna has to offer. We also took the car to the Jubilee Tower about 25 minutes out of Vienna. If you've got time please go, the view is incredible, and the scenic views of the forest which surround the city is not to be missed. The car is manual so make sure you're with someone who can drive a manual. All you need to do to hire the car is let reception know when you'd like to drive it on the day, and hope that it is available. Also make sure you have a drivers licence handy.

So if you're not sure where to stay in this massive city, make 25 Hours in the Museum Quarter at the top of your list and I know you won't regret it.

Any other questions on Vienna or where to eat please feel free to send me an email. A Vienna food guide will be up soon. xx

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