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  • Nicolette Stathopoulos

Tuckerberry Hill Berry Picking

Next stop on my weekend getaway was Tuckerberry Hill in Drysdale. Drysdale is a little further north from Queenscliff. Tuckerberry hill berry picking offers a range of different berries to pick. They are mainly known for their blueberry picking but also offer strawberry picking on weekends. Tuckerberry Hill is located at 35 Becks Road, Drysdale. Picking season down here at Tuckerberry is from December to March.

At Tuckerberry they also offer a range of fresh produce to purchase as well as a range of oils, honey, jams, chutneys and café food. Another thing I love about this place is that they are the only blueberry orchard on the Bellarine that spray free, and all grown in natural settings.

My favourite thing to do here is walk up and down the blueberry orchards picking at the fresh and plump blueberries. I could do this all day if I was left alone there. There were heaps of blueberries when I went last week, but the strawberries were a little harder to come across.


To enter and pick the berries there is no charge, but once picked the blueberries are around $20 a kilo. If you’re not interested in picking but just want berries don’t stress, you can go inside to the store and purchased picked berries in packets. And if you’re not looking for fresh berries either don’t worry, they also sell frozen blueberries as well.

I could think of so many delicious dishes to make up with my blueberries such as blueberry pavlova, blueberry jam, blueberry friands and blueberry muffins. Although these all sound delicious, I’ve loved munching on my blueberries fresh from the bag.

Overall I loved visiting Tuckerberry Hill, I’d highly recommend this place for a relaxed afternoon with friends or a great place to take kids to enjoy the picking. Happy picking xx

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