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  • Nicolette Stathopoulos

Piknik on the Bellarine

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time with my cousins in the Bellarine Peninsula. Together we visited a couple hot spots, that are my favourite places when in the area. Before you read please note none of these posts or reviews are sponsored or paid for. This is my 100% honest feedback on how much fun I had and enjoyed these places.

Our first stop was for brunch of course, and where else would we go other than Piknik café. It’s located at 1195 Queenscliff Road in Swan Bay. Swan Bay is a little region in the Bellarine Peninsula located in between Port Arlington and Queenscliff. We each indulged in our delicious dishes, one with scrambled eggs, one with the crepes and myself with traditional ham and cheese toasties. Toasties are one of my favourite breakfast meals to have when I’m away, and the ones here are so crunchy and delicious.

The crepes are gluten free which is always a bonus when visiting with gluten intolerant guests. They are to die for and come with butterscotch sauce, berries, berry compote and vanilla ice cream.

The Piknik breakkie is always a winner with scrambled, poached or fried eggs on sourdough with roasted mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, smashed avocado and bacon.

Their menu is super versatile and offers a few delicious lunch options as well.

Don’t forget to take a look inside when visiting to see their delicious range of cakes in the cabinet.

Another thing I love about this place is that their outdoor area is undercover so it's a perfect stop off when it's raining and it's also dog friendly which is a massive bonus for many people.

Piknik is also a delicious stop off to stock up on all your jams, chutneys, preserves and wine of course. Take a look inside the café before to leave to treat yourself to some of their delicious jarred or bottled goodies. The great thing is as well about these jams and relishes is that they are all made on site from local and seasonal produce.

Take a look at what Piknik has to offer on their website

They also do a range of catering which sounds and looks delicious. Can’t wait to come back down this way and try more.

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