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Milos so blue it's almost fake...

Milos Greece

One of my favourite places in the world would have to be Milos, Greece. One of Greece’s most beautiful islands, located in the kyklades in Greece, you really can’t go wrong anywhere you go on this island.

Getting there

The easiest way to get to Milos is to catch a ferry. I was already coming from Ios before I went to Milos, so I caught a ferry cross from Ios to Milos. You can also fly into Milos if you like, but if you’re already in Greece its very easy to catch the ferry.


Accommodation is so easy to find when you’re away. One of my favourite sites to use when I’m researching for accommodation is They have so many options and I love reading peoples reviews. I also love that all your bookings are in the one place, and they have a great call centre that’s open all hours of the day to call if anything goes wrong. When I was in Milos I stayed at Hotel Eleni. Just a short walk from the port, this place was so cosy and welcoming. And the lady at the desk Eleni of course, was so so so helpful. She knew all the great places to eat, which boat tours to take and which beaches to visit. Her recommendations were honestly priceless. I also love that Hotel Eleni is a family based business, and not part of a huge chain. The walk from the port to Hotel Eleni is about 2 minutes, and is honestly in the best location. It’s so local to the little shops along the port and so easy to catch your ferry from near by.


There are so many amazing restaurants in Milos, and so much fresh seafood available. A few of my favourite places were O Xamos, Mikros Apopoulos, Gialos, Archontoula and Marianna. I love the outdoor vibe at O Xamos, the food there is traditional tavern food, and makes you feel like you’re at your grandmother’s place. They also serve a lot of home made cheeses, don’t forget to try these. At Mikros Apopoulos they have some of the freshest seafood I’ve ever tried. Here I love the ceviche style raw fish, cured in lemon juice, with some kind of fish caviar on top. My favourite dish at Archontoula was the seafood risotto. It was honestly delicious, this place is always busy so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a little while for a table. Gialos was also another favourite with a delicious grilled calamari with salad, this place is located right across from the beach in Pollonia. Marianna was great as it was a typical Greek tavern with delicious food, they were also right in front of the port so it was a really quick walk form our hotel. Flisvos was another favourite, right next door to Marianna, they had a delicious pork dish that was cooked over charcoal, it was incredible but I forgot to take a photo, but highly recommend it.

O Xamos- Salad and Olives

Mikros Apopoulos- Ceviche with Lemon

Archontoula- Seafood Risotto and Fried Cheese Balls

Gialos- Taramasalata, Grilled Calamari with Salad, and Ice Cream from the store next door

Marianna- Dips and Fried Potatoes


There are so many boat tours available to do in Milos. And to be honest its pretty much the one thing everyone does when they visit, so these tours are a must. It’s the best way to see these amazing waters, as the most stunning ones are often only accessible by boat. With Hotel Eleni they own their own boat and do their own tours. So of course we had to book in with them, not just because we were staying there, but it was also the best value for money. Our tour went around the whole island, there’s a few that only do one half, but I’d recommend doing the whole round. We spent the day sailing around and stopping off at the most stunning swimming spots. We had lunch and an afternoon snack, and drinks all day on the boat. When you’re booking these tours, I’d recommend the less amount of people on the boat, the better. Some tours are a lot cheaper and run for less time, but you don’t get the full experience and these tours are often over crowded. Sailing around Milos can often get windy, so if you’re not good with motion sickness take some tables as occasionally it gets a little rough.


When you’re in Milos you can see one of the most incredible sunsets you’ll ever see. This is best seen in the town of Plaka, if you’re staying near the port just catch the bus to Plaka. Ask anyone when you’re there and they will tell you the directions for the sunset, or alternatively watch where every other tourist is going. You pretty much want to get to the highest peak on the island, looking towards the sunset. So the best place to see the sunset is from a little church on top of a hill. Go into any store and ask for directions to the church to see the sunset, they will know what you’re talking about, and will give you directions. This sunset is not to be missed! Afterwards head back down to Archontoula for dinner.


Transport on the island is limited, I’d recommend hiring a car or a quad bike. But be warned, Milos can be a little stricter than other Greek islands, so an international drivers license is a must. Alternatively you can catch a bus to different swim sports, but they don’t come very often, and you may get stuck waiting for the bus to get back to the town for a while in the heat. Don't forget if you do choose to hire a car, there are not many automatic cars on the island, most of them are manual, so make sure you book in advance, or know how to drive a manual car.

Swim Spots

Papafragka was such a nice little swim spot, we caught the bus here one day, but be warned there are no stores near by and it is in the middle of no where so bring water. There is a warning sign when you climb down to this beach, so if you’re not keen to climb back up, don’t go down. This swim spot is honestly incredible. When you swim down this little crevice of water there is a little spot on the left to swim into a bigger body of water. Get a snorkel and swim through it. On the other side there is an opening through to the ocean. To your left you will see the ocean and stunning blue water at your feet. But to the left you will see a massive black cave, I wasn’t keen to swim any closer into the cave, but if you’re feeling brave do give it a go. It was one of the most incredible things to see, and so cool that just through this tiny hole in the rocks can lead you to something so incredible.

Gerakas was another place we got to swim when we were on our boat tour. The water is so blue it is unbelievable, you’d think you were in a movie or something.

Further around the island on the boat tour you will get to swim at Kleftiko beach, probably Milos’ most iconic swim spot. It is most iconic for the big rock in the middle of the ocean with the hole in the bottom of it where you can look through and see the light blue ocean. The white volcanic rock against the stunning turquoise waters make Milos such an iconic place for swimming.

Polyaigos is also another one of my favourite swim spots, just off of the main land of Milos. This is another place we got to swim at on our boat tour. It is also INCREDIBLE and so blue you can’t even imagine it, it just looks fake.

These are a few of my top things to see and do when in Milos, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about my favourite Greek island. If you are planning a trip or have any questions please email me! I love giving people recommendations about this place because it is insane and I think everyone needs to go! Happy travels x

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