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  • Nicolette Stathopoulos


Meet Mica Sydney

Shop 5 492-500 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW

Meet Mica is located right in the heart of Surry Hills Sydney. They were named one of the top 20 cafes in Sydney by the Good Food Guide for 2018. I absolutely loved my breakfast here as they have such a versatile menu that you don’t usually see in most cafes.

One of the most memorable parts of my visit to Meet Mica was not only the food, but also the cute little cat from the neighbourhood that sits himself out the front of Meet Mica. Panda, the cat, lives next door to Meet Mica, and it’s so kind of them to allow him to sit out the front of their café. I can’t tell you how many people stopped to say hello to him on their walk past the café, or along their way to work.

Now on to the food, the best bit, we decided to go with a few of their dishes from the more lunch based menu. The duck and cha soba salad was delicious. It’s a little salad of soba noddles with the most delicious medium rare duck slices laying over the noodles. This dish is a must try if you’re coming to Meet Mica.

Next dish was the lobster congee, it comes with lobster meat over a rice congee, served up with katsubushi (also known as bonito flakes, or dried fish flakes), green shallots and ginger. The flavour of the lobster in the congee is so deep and delicious. If you like seafood and lobster this is a breakfast or lunch that cannot be missed.

Lastly we had the bao bao bento, which is only served on weekends, lucky us. This dish is a bento box filled with two of the fluffiest bao buns I’ve ever had. One is served with a teriyaki chicken and avocado. And the other filled with cheese and egg roll with a shoyu mayo. These buns are then served with some lotus chips and edamame beans on the side. This dish was a little more filling so if you’re feeling hungry I’d highly recommend this dish. I also loved the combination of the sweet teriyaki flavours with the avocado, which is a delicious combination that I’d never tried in a bao bun before.

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