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  • Nicolette Stathopoulos

Favourite places to eat in Rome

There are so many amazing places to eat at in Rome, but there were a few restaurants I just fell in love with. Endless consumption of pizza, pasta, buffalo mozzarella and gelato finally lead to finding a few of these places. The food here in Rome is just so simple and fresh, just a couple ingredients can make such a classic combination and such an amazing delicious dish.


Sorpasso would have to be one of my favourite restaurants in Rome. Its right near the Vatican so if you’re going for a wonder near there make sure you stop off at Sorpasso for lunch. Here I had one of my favourite dishes of the whole trip, and I still cant stop thinking about it. It was their beef carpaccio that I just fell in love with. The meat was so delicately sliced and covered in a tangy delicious dressing, with fresh rocket and delicious shavings of cheese. It would have to be the best carpaccio I’ve ever had. For those of you who feel weird eating raw meat don’t be afraid with this one, its so fresh and delicious its worth it. I loved this place so much I went there twice on my 4 day trip in Rome, so that says something. They also have a delicious plate of cured ham (jamon) and mozzarella cheese which is also a perfect starter to share with someone. Lastly their fresh pasta dishes are a must! It was always cooked to perfection and mixed with a simple sauce, never too much or too little, they know how to make it just right.

Gelateria del Teatro

One thing I did not consume enough of on my trip was gelato! One a day just wasn’t enough. After consuming endless amounts of it, my favourite gelato in Rome would have to be Gelateria del Teatro. Located in the heart of Rome this place has a few flavours you just wouldn’t think of. I always go for a basic flavour like hazelnut but don’t be shy to try one of their unusual flavours, you might just love it.

La Focaccia

La Focaccia is another favourite of mine. Theres so many touristy restaurants near this area in Rome, and as soon as we walked past this place and saw a few locals outside, we knew it would be good. I loved the arancini (rice croquettes) with the bolognese sauce on the inside, it was delicious and so full of flavour. Their fresh pasta dishes are also all delicious, and are always cooked to perfection.


Fuorinorma knows how to do a charcuterie board, I’d say their the experts when it comes to a good cheese board. The charcuterie boards here are just a work of art, almost too pretty to dig into. Do yourself a flavour and come here before or after visiting the Colosseum for some delicious local Italian meat and cheese. You can even give a preference for which meats and cheeses you’d like, or leave it to them to come up with something delicious and beautiful. You just cant go wrong at this place, everything was just as good as it looked. They also have a range of paninis and a couple other dishes to enjoy.

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